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The Whizzinator review

There are many reasons as to why you may prefer using synthetic urine during a drug test rather than using your urine. However, there’s nothing as painful as spending a considerable fortune in procuring a synthetic urine kit only for you to fail a drug test.

One factor that can render your artificial urine useless is the presence of a witness during urine sample collection. The other factor may be the composition of the urine and its expiry date. There are several artificial urine brands out there that promise to give you a negative drug test results when used for testing. However, not all of them do precisely that.

The whizzinator urine brand is one with good reviews on the internet; however, I doubt if these reports are from real customers. If you take time to get the views of a majority of real people that have used this product, they complain that it left them exposed and embarrassed. For instance, take a look at the artificial penis used by men in the administration of whizzinator urine. For one, it is unnecessarily big, making it appear fake and hard to use in the sample collection process. A good number of men who’ve used this product in real drug test scenarios lament that they were busted by examiners while trying to squeeze it to release some pee. As a result of its big size, most users develop anxiety when using it, thus making them appear suspicious – prompting their examiner to inspect their underpants.

The other problem with whizzinator urine is that it is unsuitable for use in cases where you don’t know the exact time for the conduction of a drug test. Just imagine delivering what you purport to be fresh urine to the examiner only for them to note that it isn’t within the normal temperature range of fresh urine. The examiners will know that you are using fake pee. That’s what may happen when you are using whizzinator urine, and your examiners decide to surprise you with a drug test. For whizzinator fake urine to be of help to you, you have to activate its heating pad, before attaching it to a vinyl porch. You then need to give it an hour to attain the required urine temperature. The other disaster with this setup is that, if you stay with the heated package for more than an hour, you are likely to experience leakages, which of course could be quite embarrassing to you. Mind you, if you choose to use whizzinator urine during a drug test, be prepared to handle leakages and also be tagged a cheat.

Remember, it is only you that understands the weight that your drug test carries in achieving your desired goal. Maybe you dearly need a job in organizations that have zero tolerance to drug use. Or perhaps you want to participate in a competition where you’re pretty sure you can’t pass a test using your urine. Therefore, for you to pass a drug test and you know you have drugs in your system, avoid using whizzinator and other fake urine products that don’t deliver on their promises. There are other products that all users who have used them report positive feedback. One such product is the Powdered Urine Kit. This product is available from here.

Unlike whizzinator and most synthetic urine products, Powdered Urine Kit bears all the characteristic of fresh human pee. First, it smells and appears like the human pee. Second, it has all the chemical properties of drug-free human urine. Third, the urine produced by this kit has uric acid, a core component of the human pee. These are some of the factors that will give you the confidence that you need when going for a drug test.

The content of Powdered Urine Kit is one of the contributing factors that make the kit a better choice over whizzinator and other synthetic urine brands. For instance, the package has one vial that contains powdered urine, a medical transport vial in a 50 ml plastic and a blue lid, a temperature strip coined to this 50ml medical vial, and lastly a pair of heaters that are air-activated. With this kit, there’s a guarantee of passing a drug test as there’s power in the kit’s constitution. For instance, the 50ml plastic medical vial ensures you get sufficient amount of fake urine for a valid test to be done; 45 ml is the standard quantity of urine sample required. Regardless of whether you add 1ml, 2ml, 10ml or 25ml of water to the powdered urine during sample preparation, the results of your drug test will remain unchanged.

The other aspect that eliminates doubts on the authenticity of your Powdered Urine Kit ‘s urine is its temperature. Through the air-activated heater, the urine can attain the right temperature for testing within a short time. It usually takes the heater about 40 to 60 minutes to heat the urine to required temperatures. However, if you want to attain these temperatures within a shorter time, you can make use of the two heaters.

One more point, the drug testing machine is calibrated using toxin-free synthetic pee; a factor that has ensured that users pass drug tests conducted using the Powdered Urine Kit’s fake pee. For your information, there’s no reported case of the failed drug test for anyone using powdered urine kit.