Top Fake Pee With Uric Acid

Our recommendation: Clear Choice Sub-Solution

Hey, what’s going on everyone? I hope everyone’s doing good. I got a question today about uric acid. They’re asking me, I want to try to make sure that my urine has the right uric acid balance and pH and all this stuff. They were really concerned about uric acid. I’ve used this kit before and it’s worked every single time.

I didn’t really worry about uric acid or pH balance or any of that stuff. I just kind of trusted that they had the right stuff. If you look at their page. You’ve got the kit here, $75 at this time, but if you look at the description, they talk the formula that has uric acid and urea. Not exactly sure what that is. It’s balanced for pH, specific gravity and it works for all tests.

They’ve got a 200% double your money back guarantee. I think that if you’re looking to pass tests, this is the exact stuff that you’re going to want. As you can see, test negative,, they’ve got great stuff. There’s actually a link in the description below that should have a coupon in the link. If it doesn’t, please comment or send me a message and let me know.

If you’re looking for one that has the right uric acid, this one is it. This is one I’ve used. You can go ahead and try other stuff, but they’ve got a ton of awesome reviews on it. They’ve also got that money back guarantee. A lot of people don’t have that. If you’re going to go with a synthetic urine Sub Solution really is the choice that I would make.

And of course, there’s a couple of other products out there called Test Clear has a product, I think it’s Real Powdered Urine. I think over time what happens with powdered urine is it actually starts to lose some of that advanced stuff that they talk about like pH balance and specific gravity. That’s why I kind of stick with this stuff, because they’ve been in the business for 20 years, they’ve got a track record, and I think it’ll work good for you, you guys. So, that’s my suggestion, take it or leave it. There’s a link in the description to the product and I hope that you guys have a good one and always test native. Thanks, guys.