Upass Synthetic Urine Reviews and Coupon

U Pass 8.4 Synthetic Urine – Does It Really Work?

If you’ve got an important drug test coming up, or you want to be sure that you’ll ace your next interview, you’re probably looking for a synthetic urine that will fool the feds. There’s nothing wrong with going crazy at a party every once in a while, and you shouldn’t have to feel punished for having a little bit of drugs in your system.

Because you’re generally a very good employee, right? You don’t want your career to be ruined just because you had some fun. So, is there a way to use synthetic urine as a way to pass a drug test?

There are several brands that you can try from, and U Pass 8.4 Synthetic Urine is one of them. Reading other reviews online, it’s clear that this synthetic urine gives mixed results. It’s not guaranteed that you’ll pass a drug test from using UPass. But let’s take a look at it in further detail to see what all the fuss is about!

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How Does It Work?

This U Pass 8.4 Synthetic Urine claims to mimic the exact chemical properties of real human urine, which is what customers can use in the hopes of passing a urine test. However, the scientists who developed it had other uses for it in mind too.

U Pass synthetic urine is also used for:

  • Sexual Fetishes
  • Alternative Medicine and Holistic Healing
  • Pest Repellant
  • Funny Pranks
  • Product Testing

Since it’s used for such a wide variety of reasons, it’s much less reliable as a drug test assistant. It’s unfortunate that the developers of U Pass didn’t focus on honing its ability to pass drug tests, rather than making sure it is good for alternative uses as well.

What’s In It?

Some of the scientific components of the U Pass 8.4 Synthetic Urine include:

  • Distilled Water
  • Sodium Chloride
  • Albumin Powder
  • Potassium Chloride
  • Urea
  • Sodium Phosphate
  • Creatinine

When these chemicals are combined in the right way, it is meant to look, smell, and act just like natural human urine. While the innovation is quite significant, that still doesn’t prove whether or not this product can help you pass a drug test.

How Do You Use UPass Synthetic Urine?

There are a few step-by-step instructions included with the product that you must follow in order to ensure best chances of passing a drug test. So, let’s take a look at the requirements:

  1. Microwave your U Pass 8.4 Synthetic Urine for 10 seconds. This pee must be hot in order to pass as real pee.
  2. Close the lid and shake it. Just like shaking a juice before consuming it, you need to make sure all the ingredients in the synthetic urine are combined and dissolved.
  3. Once the pee has reached between 94 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit, use the rubber band and the included hand warmer to keep it at the right temperature. When you hide it somewhere in your clothing, like in a coat pocket, the hand warmer should keep it at 100 degrees for up to six hours.
  4. During the urine test, be extra sure that the synthetic urine is still at the right temperature, then dump it into your provided collection cup. Try putting less than 3 exact ounces, to avoid any suspicion.

So…Does U Pass Synthetic Urine Actually Work?

Again, there are a lot of mixed reviews on this product. Overall, it’s determined that U Pass 8.4 Synthetic Urine does NOT work!

Do not attempt to use this synthetic urine for an important drug test, because you might get caught, which could incur some serious trouble. Don’t risk it!

Instead, you can invest in a much better product that is proven to work every single time. Unlike the U Pass 8.4 Synthetic Urine, Clear Choice Sub Solution is developed specifically for the purpose of passing a drug test, and it is guaranteed to work when you need it most. You even have the option of purchasing extra heaters and hand warmers with it, so that you know for sure that your pee will be at the right temperature. Don’t risk it with U Pass 8.4 Synthetic Urine; go with something that you know works the best!