Top Hand Warmers for Fake Urine

What is up, everyone? I hope everyone’s doing good out there. Today we’re going to talk about the best hand warmers for synthetic urine. So this is a question a lot of people get. Everyone’s all afraid that they’re going to fail a drug test because the temperature of their synthetic urine, or real urine for that matter, is off. And that is the number one reason that people fail a urine drug test, urinalysis is going to reveal that the temperature is off and you can fail because of that, and you can lose your job because of that. So it’s really important to make sure you have it at the right temperature but a lot of people are using these hand warmers for it, and I know that’s the question that I got asked, but I said, “Listen man, don’t use hand warmers.” Those things only have a certain … The temperature is not made to keep your body temperature at what it is, it’s going to be too hot and it’s going to overheat your urine and then, guess what happens? You fail.

So these heat pads, made from ClearChoice, are designed for this exact issue. So what I would not recommend is getting a hand warmer to warm whatever urine you’re bringing in. And from this same company as well, they also have these awesome little bottles that are flat and you can store the urine in a great place. And all you have to do is take a rubber band, wrap the rubber band around the bottle with the disposable heat pad, and you’re going to have perfect temperature for up to 10 hours. So if you’re going to go the synthetic urine, or somebody else’s urine, route, use the disposable heat pad that ClearChoice has. I put a link in the description and you can get there just by going through that link, going to their page. I’ll describe how it works and then you can get your hands on your own.

If you need to use synthetic urine, this company has the same exact … This company has a great product called Sub-Solution. So I would go check out Sub-Solution, it’s on the same website, and it’s almost guaranteed that you’re going to pass a drug test. I’m going to go ahead and lean out on a ledge here and say that there’s almost no way that you will fail the drug test if you use the Sub-Solution combined with this disposable heat pad.

So thanks for watching, guys. I hope you guys good luck.