Best Fake Pee on Reddit

Our recommendation: Clear Choice Sub-Solution

What’s going on? It’s James here. Just want to talk about this story that I read on Reddit that talked about her using synthetic urine for a drug screen. I thought it was a great story. She’s was a little nervous to do it, but it just goes to show how simple it is to just order some synthetic urine and take it with you, use a synthetic urine belt and just conceal it, bring it in, take the test and you’re good to go. A lot of people are nervous about using synthetic urine but it’s really almost, it’s really easy.

One thing that she did say in this was that she was a regular smoker. If she had a little bit more notice, what she could do is use a detox product that I can get you a link in the description for a detox product. She did use Quick Fix 6.1. I think that’s an older formula. That’s probably something I wouldn’t use anymore. A lot of people like Quick Fix but all of my experience has at least shown me that Clear Choice Sub Solution is the top synthetic urine just because every time I’ve used it I passed and all my friends have used have passed it. We’ve done experiments on it and gotten 100% pass rates. Clear Choice Sub Solution is what I would recommend. Obviously you don’t have to go with my recommendation, but I’ve got a link in the description for Clear Choice.

Another thing that I would not do that she did is go to a head shop. Obviously it worked out for her, but there’s a lot more reliable companies out there that can get you high quality synthetic urine than from a head shop because you don’t know how long the products have been sitting in their inventory or behind their desk. It’s not very often that somebody comes in and wants to get a substitution urine. I would order it straight from the company online. Again, there’s a link in the description, but that’s one thing I wouldn’t do.

Another thing that she had trouble with was hiding it. It was really difficult for her because the bottle would be bulging out of her pants or shirt so she kind of fixed up some sort of thing to attach it to her body. The perfect solution for this is a synthetic urine belt. The same company that I talked about before has this. All you have to do is add that to your cart, order that as well, and it’s perfect for hiding it on your leg or on your waste without it looking like you’re carrying anything.

Overall, just try and relax during the day of the test. Act like it’s the same day that you’ve always had, just a regular checkup. There’s nothing to worry about. It goes pretty simple. It’s pretty quick, pretty easy, and I wouldn’t worry about it at all.

Thanks guys. I appreciate it. Hope you always test negative.