Top Fake Urine For Unplanned Drug Tests

What’s going on, everyone? Today we’re gonna talk about the best synthetic urine for a random drug test. So, everyone is a little concerned about what happens when there’s a random drug test. What if I’ve been smoking, and I can’t pass it? This has been happening for a long time. So, random drug tests are administered. And they say they’re random, but usually a lot of the times they aren’t. So, sometimes if you’re smoking they’re gonna suspect that you’re gonna be … If you’re smoking, or if you’re taking other drugs, but they’re gonna suspect that you are doing that.

So, what they’re gonna do is they’re gonna give you a “random” drug test, whether it’s the military, job, for whatever reason. So, if you’re concerned that you’re gonna get a random drug test, best synthetic urine to get is Clear Choice Sub-Solution. I’ve recommended this in the past. I’ve told people if they’re taking a normal drug test to take this. The reason I recommend it for a random drug test is because it has been formulated to last a long time. So, you’re always gonna have it on hand.

What I do, and what I recommend everybody else does is they buy a few of these to keep on hand, to keep at work, or to keep at the place where you may get tested. Obviously, hidden. And then, also keep one at home so that all you have to do is pull it out, mix it up, do the thing you need to do to get it ready, and then boom. You’re good to go for that test.

So, reason one you … Obviously, the reason you wanna keep it on hand all the time is because the test can be random. And the reason Clear Choice works for a random test is because it is formulated to last a long time.

So, if you take normal urine, or a normal urine sample from somebody else, or yourself and you let it sit for a month in the freezer or whatever, or in the refrigerator the PH balance and the specific gravity can become … it can get off for the test, the lab test.

So Clear Choice Sub-Solution, the company Clear Choice has designed it specific for this purpose so that it will last a long time, which makes it perfect for random drug tests.

Thanks guys for watching. That’s what we recommend for a random drug test. And as always, test negative.