Get the Right Temperature for Drug Tests

How do you keep your urine warm for a drug test? It’s a very simple answer but can often be very difficult to do.

The #1 reason that people fail their drug test is because the temperature of their pee is off. It may be because they are using someone else’s urine or because they are using a synthetic product that doesn’t match the temperature of natural human urine fresh out of someone’s body.

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Because the temperature should be around 94°F to 96°F in order to pass a test, it’s almost impossible to get your friends urine, or even many synthetic brands at the right temperature. From our tests, we figured out the Clear Choice Sub-Solution has the most stable temperature holding power.

That being said, the kit will come with instructions on how to heat it up. But, you will need a microwave to do so before the test. In the moments leading up before the test, you are able to monitor that temperature with a temperature strip that is built in to the product. You can even get heating pads from TestNegative (where they sell Clear Choice Sub-Solution) to keep the temperature perfect if it is going to be more than 2 hours before the test.

If you are using the right tools we have provided above, it’s extremely easy to keep your urine warm for a drug test. Remember that temperature is the very first thing that they look at when it comes to drug testing your urine. Be sure to not mess this up. It’s one of the simplest things you can do to ensure your success!


What’s going everyone? Welcome to this video. Today, we’re talking about how to keep your synthetic urine or you know, any urine for that matter, warm for, you know, whatever testing you need to take. You know, there’re ways to microwave, heat packs, and all this different stuff. Some people try to microwave water and use water to wrap around their synthetic urine kit and keep it warm. The simplest solution is to use a heat pad that’s specifically designed for your situation.

If you’re using a synthetic urine, this heat pad from Clear Choice is, you know, the best option. You know, there’s a link in the below to take a look at it. Also, if you’re using normal human urine, just be aware that if you do use that stuff, you know, there’s a lot higher risk of getting, you know, testing positive for whatever it is that they’re testing you for because the urine that comes from other people that’s been outside of the body for a long time, they can test if you’ve done something to that urine.

What you do is you get a synthetic urine product that, you know, was created for the specific purpose of passing a drug test. They take care of all the things that you don’t think about when you give it to the lab. I would go to … there’s another link the description below that talks about the best synthetic urine product for you. I would click on that. Check it out. The same company makes, you know, the top tier synthetic urine choice. Check that out and get yourself some synthetic urine. You know, keep it warm with a heat pad so that you don’t fail for a temperature controls.