How to Clean Your Urine For A Drug Test- Narcotics Detox

Cleaning your urine once it is outside of your body is a very tough thing to do. Many people claim to have a home remedy mixture that can detoxify their pee. Do not get involved in these homemade, untested concoctions. They are most likely a recipe for failure.

Drug testing has gotten more and more advanced over the years and continues to even today. Every month they are getting more advanced.

For now, there are what you call additives that you can put in your urine right before the drug test to “spike” it and get rid of all the toxins. This is more of a risky method and should not be used often. If you are considering this method TestNegative has a product that does this.

The Un-Failable Solution

If you want to essentially guarantee success, using real human urine is the best way to go. An easy, simple, step-by-step product from TestClear has passed thousands of drug test takers every single time. It’s called the powdered urine kit and is real, authentic, clean, dehydrated urine that is virtually un-failable.