Clear Choice Sub Solution Reviews and Coupon

We’ve all been through the embarrassment of failing a drug test even though the last use of something was some time ago. This can be a lot more serious than just a little embarrassment. It can mean failing to get that job. It can mean failing to compete in a sport after all the training and self-sacrifice you’ve gone through to enter.

It can mean more than a mere traffic stop. So knowing that even though you may have abstained for some time, testing equipment has become so sensitive that the smallest trace of a controlled substance in our systems can, and will, be detected.

Is Clear Choice Guaranteed to Work?

There are lots of solutions out there and you’ve probably been asking yourself, “How reliable are these fake urine products?”.

I’ve tried a ton of different products (used a home testing kit) and talked to lots of people who’ve experienced the same embarrassment that I have when that one little bit of drug hangs in there and shows up on their monitor.

Then I came to Clear Choice Sub Solution.

The company says they launched this product in 2002. I wasn’t aware of that and now some 16 years later, I finally had it highly recommended to me by a fellow job applicant. (He got the job and I didn’t!). But the good that came out of that brief encounter made losing the job to someone else worth my time.He had given me the Internet address for this sub solution, so when I got home, I brought it up on my computer.

The company claims that this secret urine formula is compounded from eleven chemical compounds, and that includes uric acid that makes the whole thing undetectable from real humane urine.

I forget exactly what else it contains. Something about having a pH balance and on. And I like that it comes with a heat activator that makes the sample have normal body temperature.

I didn’t need it, but the company promises a 200% money-back guarantee. That tells me they have a lot of confidence in their product, and my experience now is that they have good reason for this.

There are other products I believe although I haven’t tried any. There is a coating for hair follicles and mouth coatings too, I believe.

But even one joint can remain in your system for over a week, and perhaps even longer. Even alcohol can be detected up to a week later.

But I was pretty sure that in most instances, you have to provide a urine sample. That’s why I finally tried Clear Choice. Until I talked to this fellow job applicant, I figured all these synthetic urine are the same — and undependable. But it was a revelation when I met this guy. He swore it did the job for him, so that was good enough for me. I figured all I had to lose was a few bucks. Otherwise, I lost the opportunity to get a good job, one I really wanted.

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Update: There are currently no coupon codes that we know of to offer. They may have promotions that come up often. You can check the Test Negative website to see if they are running a promotion.


Clear Choice Sub Solution costs more than some of the cheaper brands, but as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.

The company claims their synthetic urine has never once been detected. And in my case, I got the next job that came up, even after reading the sign that said: “All applicants must pass a drug test”.

If I had one complaint, it was that I had to mix the Sub Solution myself, something I didn’t like to mess around with. But I notice there is a Quick Luck as well, their ultra-premium synthetic urine kit. The upgraded product comes with a premixed kit. So next time, I’ll be sure to try that one. A bit more money, but no mixing to play with.

Bottom line: I’ll give this a 4-star rating. Without the mixing, I’d make it 5 stars.