How to Pass a Urine Drug Test For Alcohol On Short Notice

Fooling drug test is very risky. Testing technologies have made old methods of adding salt or bleach are now easily detectable. Urine analyzers have seen it all. What’s there to do? First off, don’t panic! These clever strategies should keep you out of trouble.

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Don’t Have Time?

While you’d typically get a fair warning in advance, it’s almost certain that your testing schedule will be on short notice. It’s nice to know that there’s a foolproof method in case you find yourself next to the lineup. Test Clear Powdered Urine serves as the ultimate solution to passing a drug test.

Fake urine takes advantage of that small window of privacy during which you’re to provide the sample. It’s the ray of hope for those who think it’s impossible to pass despite all their efforts. Make sure you get it from a trusted provider such as Test Clear, today’s go-to-resource of reliable synthetic urine kits that won’t fail you.

Preparation Is Key For an Alcohol Pee Test

Ample preparation is your best bet for passing the test with flying colors. The most important thing to do is figure out how much of the drug is in your system.

The likelihood of substances to show up depending on the length and extent you’ve been using drugs. For chronic users, of marijuana, for instance, the drug could still be detected on your urine test within 15-30 days from the last use. For those who smoke pot only occasionally, the body can be cleared of the substance in as little as five days.

Save the date! Don’t let the testing schedule sneak up on you. You may not have any idea of the exact time, but the testing week if often made known. The earlier you stop using drugs, the higher your chance to skip detection. Once you find out about the drug test two weeks beforehand, steer clear of drugs and your system would be cleansed naturally.

Four Ways To Pass A Short Notice Urine Test

Here are four techniques to overcome your urine test:

DO NOT Mask Your Urine Sample. Gather all your might to avoid the temptation! The one thing you should never do is mask or dilute your urine sample. Doing this will set you up for failure and may cost you your job.

Drink Plenty Of Water. By plenty, we mean massive amounts of water a day before the actual test, and more when there are only three to four hours left. Water does a great job of flushing the drugs out of your system and efficiently diluting your urine sample.

Pee All-You-Can. You’re likely to pass your urine test by putting your body’s detoxification processes at work. Urine flow helps dilute drug concentration way below the detection threshold. Peeing more frequently should be easy upon drinking lots of liquids as the test approaches.

The Most Reliable Option:

Use Synthetic Urine. If all else fails and you’re out of time, consider using clean urine from someone you trust. Better yet, get a synthetic urine kit. When in a hurry and you can’t afford to take risks, you can’t go wrong with Test Clear. Our time-tested, proven powdered urine is the fastest, easiest, and surefire way to pass your drug test.

The best thing to do is buy TestClear Powdered Urine and have it shipped to you as soon as possible. This will give you a way better chance of passing your drug test when you don’t have much time.

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