Top Fake Urine Critique In The Industry To Pass Your Drug Test

We have searched far and wide for the perfect way to test negative for any substance out there. It’s easy to pass as long as you have the right equipment to do so.  There are many options, and we are going to give you the best synthetic urine kit that tops the charts.

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You will be able to take your drug test with 100% confidence, knowing that your fake pee will work flawlessly.

Best Synthetic Urine Vs Real Pee Experiments, Testing & Sales

After comparing a popular fake urine, Sub-Solution from TestNegative, to the TestClear Powdered Urine, we came up with some very interesting results. We used testing kits from the most popular places like LABCORP, all the way down to one you can get at CVS. We weren’t surprised that the real urine from TestClear passed 99.85% of the time, and the Sub-Solution passed 100.00% of the time. This confirmed our hypothesis but we wanted to make sure for everyone. We’ll have the full test results to show very soon, but that was the overall conclusion.

You can make the determination what if you want to use fake urine or real urine yourself.

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The Fake Urine Kit For Passing A Substance Abuse Test

If you have just discovered that you have a drug test coming up at work or anywhere else, you’re in the right place. Of course, they’re not giving you much time.

To pass quickly, our choice is: Clear Choice Sub Solution.

The Urine To Pass A Drug Test

Marijuana has some real staying power and not everyone is the same, but generally, a user can expect to test positive in urinalysis tests for up to 12 weeks. Occasional users are looking at from a few days up to a week. The active ingredient in marijuana, THC, is stored in the body’s fat cells and then released slowly over a period of time. The more weed you have smoked, the more THC will be in your fat cells.

Other drugs, such as opioids and stimulant drugs, tend to metabolize out of the body within 72-96 hours tops. After that, drug levels fall below the threshold, or ability of the drug test to detect them.

Drug tests work by looking for metabolites. After the body has broken down a certain drug into other compounds, these compounds are called metabolites.

Our Synthetic Urine Reviews

What is fake pee? Well, it’s a substance, usually a powder, that is mixed with a certain amount of water to create a chemically correct solution that is the same as human piss. Often, since technology has advanced over the years, labs have gotten quicker and better at detecting synthetic urine.

Real urine contains certain chemicals and has certain characteristics that testing labs look for. They’re also watching out for real urine that has been diluted. So don’t try that one, either.

Does Counterfeit Piss Actually Work?

Yes it does, but it can never replace actual human urine. Labs sometimes identify fake or synthetic urine if you get a low quality synthetic. If your job or anything important depends on passing a drug test, then you could lose your job and livelihood. If you’re on supervised releases such as probation or parole, well, you can’t afford to fail a drug test either. You could lose your freedom.

The best solution we have found is to use is Test Negative’s Sub-Solution which is guaranteed to work better than any other synthetic. Of course, the real option of human urine is best.

How to Use Powdered Urine

We’ve found Test Clear makes the highest quality human urine replacement. It comes powdered and in a 50ml container which holds just under two ounces, and a special heater to keep the pee at the correct body temperature. (Remember, testing facilities always test for urinalysis temperature, which should be between 90-100 degrees.) Test Clear also provides a testing temperature testing strip so you can monitor your sample for correct temperature. The instruction sheet included will help you out too.

Test Clear also offers extra vials for sale, in case you need to give more pee for the test. Test Clear powdered urine can be diluted with up to 25ml more water, for a total of 75ml, without affecting test outcomes. You can also purchase extra heaters and a digital thermometer. An actual digital thermometer inserted into the sample just before entering the testing facility will give you extra assurance that the temperature is just right, and also you will know the exact degree.

So all you do is dilute the powdered urine with water as directed, cap the vial, secure the heater on it, and stash somewhere discreet.

How to Hide Your Pee

Generally, direct observation, where a same-sex observer will literally stand there in the stall or bathroom with you and watch you pee, is limited to probation and parole. If this is the case, your options are more limited, but there are some devices designed exactly for this purpose.

Most of the time, we will be talking about urine testing that doesn’t involve direct observation. The testing person may come into a stalled bathroom, but you will still be in the stall alone. Usually, the testing bathroom is the one-person kind.

You will be in the bathroom alone. You will not be permitted to bring anything in with you. They will lock your purse or wallet and other valuables in a locker beforehand.

So most of the time, all you have to do is make SURE you stash your testing vial somewhere discreet and not visible to someone looking at your body. Underneath the testicles, between the butt cheeks, or in the crevice between the thigh and the torso are good places. If you’re a female with very big breasts, you can hide the vial in that area. But not unless you’re really well-endowed.

You don’t want the smallest chance that anything might show. Wear tight-fitting underpants to the test. This will keep the vial more secure and also create more body heat. You want that vial at the correct body temperature! You will fail the test, even if the urine itself is clean if the sample is too hot or too cold.

The Winner: Test Negative Sub-Solution Urine – Where to Buy Synthetic Urine

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For everything you will need to pass a drug test, Test Negative has you covered. Their product is superior to other fake piss products which are can fail drug tests easily. With Test Negative they will allow you to buy clean urine that’s a higher quality product that cannot fail. As they say, you get what you pay for.

Don’t put your job or your freedom on the line. It’s not worth it.

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